Bank In

How To register and start play:
(min deposit RM30, min withdraw RM50)

1. Register to get Username and Password from Admin.

2. Download software into computer or hand phone.

3. Bank in minimum RM30 to our bank account.
After bank in please sms to Counter:
Username, RM, Time, Bank

4. Withdrawal/Cuci, please sms to Counter:
#Cuci, Username, RM, Name, Bank, Acc#

Withdrawal is instant transfer. After withdrawal, we will sms back to inform you.

Admin (Username & Password)
Telegram : 0176169233 (win12admin)
Whatsapp: 0173585260

Counter (Deposit & Withdrawal)
Telegram: 0129052052 (win12counter)
Whatsapp: 0187830010